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Scitech is the leading science education center in Western Australia, featuring interactive exhibits to get people interested in science.

The center is run by a non-profit organization of the same name, aiming to increase awareness, interest, capability and participation in science and related fields, including mathematics and engineering. Scitech opened in 1988 and has spent the years since regularly updating its exhibitions. Large feature exhibitions are rotated on a twice-yearly basis.

The Scitech center features two feature exhibitions; daily shows such as Slime and You, and Things That Glow, in the Lotterywest Science Theatre; an in-house CSIRO lab, and the largest planetarium in Australiasia. As well as the center-based exhibits, Scitech’s touring program ensures that regional and remote communities across Western Australia aren’t missing out.

Scitech’s exhibitions focus on science in the everyday, encouraging visitors to engage with and understand how science influences the seemingly mundane. Explorations of the science behind pens, plastics, and make up are featured, as are more big-picture concepts like animal camouflage and our place in space.

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Sutherland St, West Perth, WA, 6005

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