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Rose Bay
Rose Bay

Rose Bay

The Sydney suburb of Rose Bay is one of the city's hottest outdoors and nature regions, with many opportunities for water-related activities. Though it's just four miles (seven kilometers) outside the central business district, Rose Bay can feel somewhat rural and wild with a population of under 10,000 people. That's, perhaps, why it's such a sought-after neighborhood. In fact, actor Russel Crowe is one of those 10,000 residents.

Of course, it's the nature that draws a host of people to Rose Bay every day. Most of those who head out to this eastern suburb do so in search of some sports activity; the area is host to two top-notch golf courses, plenty of tennis courts, a worthy beach and even sailing and jet-skiing.

Moreover, Rose Bay is home to some great shopping, and there are a host of attractions as well. Within the district itself, places like Rose Bay Cottage, Fernleigh Castle and the Convent of Sacred Heart all draw in their fair share of tourists.

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Sydney, NSW, Australia

Practical Info

The best way to get from Sydney to Rose Bay is by one of the many buses that run through. The Eastern Suburbs Ferry Service, which connects Circular Quay to Rose Bay, can also be taken.

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